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Rev. Matthew Brecht; Senior Minister

Rev. Matthew Brecht brings a deep sense of place, a connection to nature, and an acute awareness of our intrinsic connection to All. His Sunday talks bring hope, purpose, and a sense of graciousness and gratitude in a world that deeply needs more peace, joy, and love.

Matthew loves teaching, leading workshops and assisting others in recognizing their inherent divine nature and calling in life.

He is devoted to helping people connect with nature through sacred meditative hikes. 

Having owned and operated a professional landscaping business for 20+ years with the qualities of organic land management, he understands this connection and knows it brings a restoration of peace, balance, healing, and the reminder of our intrinsic connection to everything.

Matthew began his ministry in 2012, completing his four years of training as a Science of Mind Practitioner. He then entered ministerial school, graduating in 2019. He has been affiliated with several local CSLs and believes that we never stop learning and growing throughout our lives.

Matthew has always lived in the Seattle area and understands the demographics and quality of life this beautiful region offers. He is connected to the LGBTQIA+ community and understands the issues and challenges facing this community, as well as  many other communities in our region.

To contact Rev. Matthew: 206-794-4586



Rev.Colette Mercier; Co-founding Minister, Emerita

Rev. Colette Mercier is an ordained Religious Science minister. She began her ministry as a Religious Science Practitioner in 2003 and was licensed as a minister in 2011, having been a student of different religious and spiritual traditions for many years. In co-founding Amazing Grace Spiritual Center with Rev. Eric O’del in 2009, her passion for Spirit and service combined with her devotion to nurturing loving community and organizational integrity. 


Rev.Eric O'del; Co-founding Minister, Emeritus

Rev. Eric O’del is an ordained Religious Science minister. He has been a theater director and producer (Alice B. Theater), a college professor (Cornish College of the Arts) and a church music director (Center for Spiritual Living Seattle). All of these life experiences came together in his work as a Founding Minister of Amazing Grace Spiritual Center. 

Minister Emeritus, co-founder

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