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Ann Forest Burns, RScP

I believe the answer to any spiritual question lies within the questioner.  I will be honored to help you find it.

Contact me to request a Spiritual Support Session.


Phone  206-384-9671

Ann Forest Burns
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Allyson Hughes, RScP

Allyson Hughes

Brenda Seith, RScP

With compassion and an open heart, I listen knowing the truth of your inner divinity.  I believe that anything is possible.

Contact me to request a Spiritual Support Session.


Phone  206-303-8982

Brenda Seith
Gaelen Pogue

Gaelen Pogue, RScP


Janice Rapp, RScP

“Supporting the spiritual insight of youth and adults.” I connect with clients knowing their true nature— Spirit expressing and Soul evolving— as we dialogue about their highest and best good in life here and now. 

Email to request a Spiritual Support Session with Janice.

Phone  206-890-8721

Janice Rapp

John Hannaman, RScP

John Hannaman

Joy Horntvedt, RScP

Joy Horntvedt

Justin Thuemler, RScP


Phone  206-380-0949

Justin Thuemler
Mary Van Zante-Peiser

Mary Van Zante-Peiser, RScP

I believe everyone has the answers and guidance they need within them. As a Practitioner, my intention is to affirm the Divinity in you so you can bring those answer into your Consciousness.


to request a Spiritual Support Session with Mary. 

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Shawn Garner, RScP

Knowing the Spiritual Truth of you and your situation is my passion.  

"God will make a way where there seems to be no way".


to request a Spiritual Support Session with Shawn. 

Shawn Garner

Minister Emeritus, co-founder

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