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Cambodian Children's Destiny

Cambodian Children's Destiny School

Cambodian Children's Destiny is a Cambodian based non-profit, primarily building and administering a school specializing in augmenting local education with essential skills. This school is located in the remote village of Phum O and serves over 400 students; providing English Language and Computer Skills training.

It includes classrooms, bathrooms, sports fields, a library and computer lab. There are also western style accommodations for volunteers. 

They have successfully grown their school compound and enrollment and are committed to continual improvement and excellence. While they have become almost fully self-sustaining, assistance with administrative costs and salaries is welcome while they continue to grow.

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Fundraising Goal


We are fundraising for $15,000 annually for administrative costs.

It currently costs $3,750.00 each quarter to keep the doors open and pay all of the teacher salaries and supplies. 

They now have a beautiful building to house volunteers while they are in Cambodia. There is a new team developing a website presence to promote the CCD school model and to generate more funds for operations.

We appreciate all support and donations, large and small. 

Please also consider a recurring monthly or quarterly donation to help fund the school year-round.

Primary Contact: Cal Boyle

For more information, email the Global Service Team CORE Council

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