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Care and Support


Spiritual Mind Treatment

We practice Spiritual Mind Treatment, a five-step process also known as affirmative prayer.

Spiritual Mind Treament is a specific method of connecting with your Divine inner wisdom, Spirit, or whatever you choose to call It, affirming that which already exists within us.  If you have practiced affirmations, you're familiar with using positive language. 
Our method is similar but more powerful; it recognizes our connection to the All That Is, and amplifies the heart, mind and spirit.  


Request Spiritual Mind Treatment

Our licensed practitioners and minister  affirm and know for you that your Good is unfolding right here, right now in absolutely every area of your life regardless of outward appearances.

Your requests are shared with practitioners in confidentiality. They'll create a spiritual mind treatment to support you, then repeat it daily for one week. 

Whether you're present or not, know that a trained practitioner is affirming your connection with Spirit.


Science of Mind Practitioners

Practitioners are individuals who have been trained in the art and science of Spiritual Mind Treatment and Spiritual support. They are licensed to practice professionally and are bound by a high code of ethics to respect your privacy as they support you and declare the Spiritual Truth about any condition or circumstance in your life.


Spiritual Support Sessions

Science of Mind Practitioners are available for an individual spiritual support session on a fee basis.

A one-on-one support session is a sacred time to be heard, encouraged, and spiritually guided by a licensed practitioner.

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