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Meet Reverend Matthew Brecht


Rev. Matthew Brecht has been a staff minister at CSL-Tacoma since graduating from Holmes School of Spiritual Leadership in 2019. He became a practitioner in 2012 after studying at CSL-Tacoma under Rev. Frances Lorenz. 


He’s described by two of his mentors as “a man steeped in SOM spiritual principles, who embodies integrity, compassion, kindness, openness and humility,” and as “prayer center[ed], sensitive, positive, and dedicated to his path in the ministry.”


He lives on Capitol Hill in Seattle and has owned and managed a successful local small business for over 20 years. He loves facilitating and teaching classes and workshops. His Sunday Talk on August 14, 2022, 

"Reawakening the Divine within through Nature, Meditation, and Visioning", was about the tools and experiences that can be put into practice right away to restore, peace, and a hopeful spirit. The world needs this and we can be part of the healing force. 



Living Everyday Wonder: Integration as a New Year Practice


What's Evolution without Love? 


Journey of Becoming: The Gift of a New Journey 

Tacoma CSL weekly meditation 5/24/20
Tacoma CSL weekly meditation 6/7/20



  • Outgoing, initiative-taking, a deeply spiritual, passionate, student, teacher, minister and seeker of knowledge, and skills of Science of Mind. 

  • I place God at the center of everything in my life and know that every aspect of my life is my ministry. I am deeply committed to doing my own healing work on myself and in every part of my life. I believe that part of the calling of ministry is to develop self-awareness, daily practices, continued learning in all aspects and the ability to be the example for others.

  • I facilitate and teach classes, workshops and deliver inspiring talks themed around practical use of Science of Mind teachings.

  • I also work well with board, church staff, practitioners and ministerial staff leading Meditations, Visioning, Committee & Grounds Committee. 

  • I have excellent writing, communication, listening, interpersonal and collaboration skills and I bring passion, optimism, and drive to any situation.


Staff Minister, Center for Spiritual Living, Tacoma, October 2019 - Present

  • Support Rev. Frances Lorenz with Center operations

  • Sunday Talks – design, plan, deliver inspiring, dynamic talks

  • when Rev. Frances is away and on scheduled basis

  • Teach Core Classes  –  Foundations, Meditation is More Than You Think,

       Visioning, Spiritual Economics, Practitioner One & Two

  • Leading and Teaching Workshops – Quantum Forgiveness, Five Steps of Prayer Treatment

  • Create curriculum for Workshops, individually and with Rev. Frances

  • Design schedules for class offerings & update curriculum in accordance with Home Office

  • Provide Weekly Meditation Included in our Sunday Services

  • Provide Spiritual Counseling, Pastoral Care and Prayer Sessions as needed with congregants, students, and anyone in need

  • Engage with the community through our Leadership Council, with individual congregants, visitors, and students

  • Help facilitate wider community events – International Peace Day event in Tacoma

  • Completed my core classes and Practitioner Training at CSL, Tacoma


Business Owner – 2001 – Present

  • Owned and operated a professional landscaping business in the Seattle area with many of my original clients

  • Skilled and trained in year-round professional landscape maintenance, design, installation

  • Work with clients on designing and implementing individualized maintenance plans

  • Communicating, educating, and coordinating with clients for successful outcomes

  • Working and coordinating with logistics, suppliers

  • Mange full time staff

  • Manage the financials of the business – Budget, Expenses, Taxes, Benefits

  • Work collaboratively with my bookkeeper and CPA for sound fiscal management and stewardship

  • Work with aspects of banking and credit

  • Work with local, state, and federal government agencies regarding business operations

  • Work with property management agencies for smooth delivery of services

  • Attend CE trade shows, marketing groups



  • Graduate of Holmes School of Spiritual Leadership through Centers for Spiritual Living

  • 2019 Seattle Campus @ CSL Seattle; Distance Learning through Holmes Institute

  • Core classes Centers for Spiritual Living Tacoma

  • Graduate of Centers for Spiritual Living Practitioner Studies, 2012 CSL Tacoma

  • Graduate of Body Mind Academy, 2011 Formerly in Kirkland, WA

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